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Acne Vulgaris, also known as acne, is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles are clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin

Below is a list of treatments that we offer for this condition

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Blue LED Light for Acne
50 min
Q: What is high frequency skin therapy? A: High form of therapy that combines the experience and knowledge of a licensed skin expert with the usage of a specialized equi...
High Frequency Skin Therapy for Acne
50 min
Q: What is deep cleansing facial for acne? A: Deep Cleansing Facial for Acne provides a good starting point for your acne treatment plan. Our licensed therapists combine...
Deep Cleansing Facial for Acne
40 min
For this treatment, we use tiny needles to puncture the outer layer of the skin to create a controlled skin injury. Why do we do this you might ask? The reason is very o...
Microneedling For Acne
50 min
Essential part of the Acne treatment plan, this peel helps to dry out the acne and to stop the break outs from happening
Chemical Peel for Acne
50 min
Q: What is included in this package? A: This package provides treatment for: - 1 Acne affected area example: Face, chest, or back - 1 Deep cleansing treatment for ac...
Acne Treatment Package
1 h
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